Heather Moss Model Interview
Interview by: Bryan Fross

Name: Heather Moss
Hometown: Phoenix Arizona
Age: 30
Height: 5’7” Weight: 160
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Stats/Measurements: 38-27-40
Dress: 8
Shoe: 8.5
Body type: Definitely works out but is not afraid of Taco Tuesday
Ethnicity: White Girl
Nickname: BossMoss
Turn-ons: confidence, drive, well spoken
Turn-offs: arrogance, laziness, lack of adventure

Hobbies: Hanging with my kiddos
Dream Vacation: Bora Bora
Dream Car: 2017 Corvette
Ambitions: Live life on my own terms
Favorite Food: TACOS
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Music: Everything - Linkin Park, Halestorm, Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Books/Magazines: The ones that I appear in
Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Bad Moms
Favorite Quote: “Mama tried to raise a lady but Daddy won. He raised a lady that doesn't take shit from anyone.”
Favorite Thing in the world: My family

Heather, I don’t want to ask you the usual boring, generic questions I have used in the past. My last Feature shoot with you was in December 2010 which was also your first modeling shoot ever. How have things changed for you since then? I like to think of my life as controlled chaos at all times. Just Kidding...Kinda. I definitely credit my love for this industry to the very first shoot I did with you. Until that moment I didn't realize that I would grow to love it as much as I have. I have had an awesome career in this industry continuing to grow and evolve the further I get.

You’re seemingly everywhere these days. On the Cover of many Tattoo Magazines, Worldwide Conventions, Poster Prints in Mall stores and much more… At what point did you decide that this could be more than modeling and make your name into the Brand that it is today? I am never content with my journey and I credit a lot of my success to never being complacent. I wanted to work with the best and I have had those opportunities. I knew no one was going to hand me anything in this industry so I continued to move forward and network. I always stay positive, respectful and humble for with all my accomplishments and help girls follow their dreams.

Is it odd to see your face on T-Shirts and havefans with posters of you on their walls? No way! It is so awesome!You can't buy that kind of love and admiration. The fact that people want to purchase my stuff and get my images tattooed on them is the highest honor to be achieved. I am so honored and so blessed to have such an amazing following.

You also own a Tattoo Shop with your Husband. Tell us a little about it and everything you do there. We have owned Timeless Art Tattoo for over 10 years now. We are an all custom tattoo shop and my husband pierces as well. Our tattoo shop is a local hub for us to get work done in between our travels. We are having a ton of fun on the road and even being owners for 10 years we are excited to make some new changes for the future of our shop and that particular brand.

What has been your favorite experience in these last few years while traveling to build a name for both you and the shop? Meeting people is my absolute favorite. Having the ability to go to places, visit new cultures and meet fans that otherwise we would not be able to meet has been such an amazing experience. We have traveling down to a science these days so even though we spend so much time on the road, we still do not miss any milestones with our children. Sometimes that requires a 'divide and conquer' approach but we always make it work.

I’ve seen you mention that you would be retiring from the modeling side of things at some point in the near future. What goals are you pursuing for the future and what would you like to accomplish? Oh man.... Thus far I have accomplished all that I have set out to do. I wanted to retire by the time I turned 30 buuuuuuuut that was September 19th and I am still booked pretty solid into 2018 so I don't forsee that happening. I have slowed down significantly to focus on business ventures but if I get a booking or a publication I am happy to oblige.

How about a few vehicle related questions… what did you think about Brad’s Excursion that you shot with? I loved it! Well designed and put together. Definitely a head turner and from what I hear, highly respected among the people in that scene.

Your daily driver… what is it and what would you drive if you could have any vehicle you wanted? I have it.... My beloved white Chrysler 300. I have had several 300s in my time and I can't get away from them. I mean, it wouldn't suck to have a Lamborghini though.

Driver or Passenger, what’s your preference? DRIVER!!!! I do not like to be driven... unless of course there are selfies to be taken or I need to catch up on work.

How fast have you gone in a car either as a passenger or driver? I may or may not do 110 on my way to Vegas from time to time.... It just happens. I fly more often these days now.

Last Question, is there anything you would like to say to your fans and our website visitors? I love you guys... Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey and I am happy to have had the opportunity to share this adventure with everyone that was so supportive and involved. I hope to have more for you guys to enjoy but for now please keep an eye on my website as we release some new stuff.

Please check out my tattoo shop www.TimelessArtTattoo.com and my merchandising brand Church of Horror www.ChurchofHorror.com

Website: www.HeatherMoss.com
Facebook: HeatherMossThreeOneThree
Instagram: @HeatherMoss313
Twitter: @HeatherMoss313