Lane's Car Care Products Partner Spotlight

Company:  Lane's Car Care Products
Lane Pietro
Title:  Owner

Company Motto:  Turns amateurs into Pros. Supplying the best car products to auto dealerships, auto detailers and car fanatics while providing outstanding customer service.

Company Info/About Us:  The Company started in 2000 on the internet. We wanted to supply concentrated car care products to the consumer not found in retail stores. 

How did your company grow into a supplier for dealerships and automotive enthusiasts? Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, parent company of Lane’s Professional Car Products, has extensive auto detailing experience. Along with this experience we have had an opportunity to gather data from thousands of customers over the years. The majority of customers used car cleaning products that can be purchased off the retail shelves. Our service has continually grown over the years and we attribute this success to the quality of our work as well as our professional car product line. As we educated our customers about the difference between professional car detailing products and those that can be purchased off store shelves, the demand for Lane’s Professional Car Products was realized. We took the guess work out of it by assembling a professional line of car care products that our clients as well as auto dealerships and auto detailers could use. We first introduced our products on Ebay and gathered a large following. To service our clients better, we incorporated a one-stop shop at The website has given us a direct contact with car enthusiasts nationwide.

With the big name companies out there in your industry, what makes you products different/better? Lane’s Car Products has an extensive line of highly concentrated car care products not sold in stores. This means that the majority of our car cleaning products can be diluted with water and still have the cleaning power needed to get the job done right. This allows our customers to get more product for their money which in turn saves them money in the long run. Whether you are talking about car wax, car polish or other auto detailing supplies, Lane’s provides the utmost protection in conjunction with ease of use.

Best Products/Best Sellers and why: The best products for exterior car care are: Lane’s Wash & Shine car soap, which is a soap wax combination that leaves your car with the look of a fresh wax job after every wash. Lane’s Cherry Wet Wax which contains oils that preserves your top coat and gives your paint a deep gloss shine. Lane’s New Aluminum, an acid based wheel cleaner, which is safe for all aluminum wheels and removes brake dust and road grime within seconds of application. Lane’s Super Blue Tire Shine a long-lasting tire protectant which gives the tire a deep gloss shine. Interior car care: For leather care, use Lane’s Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner and Leather Car Air Freshener to keep the leather interior looking and smelling brand new.

For more information about car polishers, polishing pads, and headlight restoration contact Lane's.


   Interview By: Bryan Fross
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