L&G Enterprises Partner Spotlight

Company:  L & G Enterprises

Name: Theresa Contreras

Partner / Custom Painter

Mission Statement or Company Motto: 
To run a business where the customer comes first and understands the time and effort put into making their vehicle our priority and giving them the best product we can put out.

Company Info / About Us : 

Family owned and operated business since 1982. Back in 1982, a hard working dealer mechanic came home to tell his wife that the dealership was going out of business. Instead of looking for more dealership work, he decided to try it on his own first. Together, they started a paint & body shop in Glendora. With much determination, this family owned and operated auto body shop became successful with great customer service, and excellent quality. Word of mouth spread quickly and they became well known in the area. Read More Here... Profile

L & G Enterprises is known in Southern California for some wild custom paint jobs in the show scene but you also do collision repair. How do you keep up with both? 

Sometimes I wonder that myself!  You know, you’re asking me this question the week before SEMA.  After doing 10 custom paint jobs in less than 2 months, I can barely see straight right now.  Really though, It’s a team effort, and we have a great staff.  Our key employees have been here for over 15 years, and while Jason (my husband) runs most of the collision/insurance work in the shop, I try and take care of the custom paint jobs.  On average we have about 2 custom paint jobs a month, that way we can devote time and attention to each one while still working on collision/insurance work.

Your company has painted many vehicles for the SEMA show each of the last few years.  With the tight deadlines and hard work, is it rewarding to see the vehicles get so much attention at the show and in the following magazine covers/features? 

I don’t think I’d be doing this if it wasn’t rewarding to me, but I think I mostly do it to keep our name out there and make my family proud.  My parents have worked hard to get to this point, and I think it’s up to us (my sister, my husband, and I) to continue to grow the name.  Just like any job, the tight deadlines and hard work will always be there, this is my labor of love.  And where the magazine covers/features are a great perk, I really love to see the customer happy.  When they love what we did to their vehicle, that’s when it makes it all worth it.

   Please check them out online at: http://www.landgenterprises.com

 Interview By: Bryan Fross
 Photo's Copyright: L & G Enterprises