JL Audio Partner Spotlight

Company: JL Audio

Name: Manville Smith

Title: V.P. Marketing

Company Info/About Us:
JL Audio is a dynamic American company committed to engineering and producing top-quality audio solutions for discriminating listeners. In  the mobile audio marketplace our products have earned worldwide acclaim by consistently delivering a superb listening experience.

The company employs over 230 people and is housed in 160,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, engineering and warehouse space in Miramar, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona.

There are few audio companies that commit resources the way JL Audio does to genuine research and development, unique tooling and proprietary production techniques. We do this, not because it's the easy way to do business, but because it is the only way to satisfy our passion for great audio and our never-ending commitment to remain ahead of the curve.

   Explain the slogan "Ahead of the Curve":
The slogan reflects our commitment to leading the way in everything from engineering to manufacturing to customer service. We have no real desire to be the biggest audio company in the world, just the best one.

   What project vehicles are currently being built or have been built over the last year by JL Audio?
Our most recent project vehicle is a Cadillac Escalade which was given a complete audio-video system using JL Audio and Rosen products and an amazing Mike Lavalle / Killer Paint job. This vehicle was displayed at the 2004 SEMA show and was very well received. The Escalade is a showcase for how our aftermarket products can be interfaced to the factory audio source units in modern vehicles without compromising functionality or accepting inferior sound quality. Prior to that, a 1961 Austin Mini with a mind-blowing 5.1 channel audio system featuring our ZR component speakers, W6v2 subwoofers and a rather radical hood-mounted video display. A full feature is available on the JL Audio website detailing the whole installation.

   JL Audio has become known for it's great sounding bass from their subwoofer line, is that the product that is the "bread and butter" for your company? 
World-class bass is certainly where we started and what, perhaps, we are still best known for. Today, we are much more than subwoofer drivers, though. JL Audio offers a wide range of component speakers for car and marine, amplifiers for car and marine applications, subwoofer systems or car, marine and home audio, along with a very extensive line of connection accessories and specialty products.

   Please check them out online at: http://www.jlaudio.com

   Interview By: Bryan Fross
   Photo's Copyright JL Audio