IMZZ Industries Partner Spotlight

Company: Imzz Industries
Name: Jim Iiams
The Big Cheese

Mission Statement or Company Motto: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated (Others have tried to use this motto but we are the only ones that live up to it)

Company Info / About Us : The company originated in my Grandmothers garage in 1996, with such a huge following in the garage we were forced to get a building and opened the doors in 1998. At that time we were open by appointment only with a fairly booked schedule. Every year from that point, we upgraded shops for more room and a higher profile. Today we operate out of a state of the art facility that spreads out almost an acre with two paint booths, a paint mixing room and a beautiful street-front showroom. We always make decisions with our customers and staff in mind. With a large percentage of profits being reinvested into the company, we have become the largest custom vehicle facility on the West Coast.

What services and products does IMZZ Industries offer?

 Imzz Industries offers a larger selection of services and products than any other facility in the industry. Our inventory is never less that $500,000 at all times with parts ranging from billet antennas to complete chassis and suspensions for street rods. Our vehicles are built 100% in house with no outsourcing. Chassis, sheetmetal fabrication, and paint and body is all completed within our facility. We also have an International flatbed transport so pickup and delivery of vehicles can be performed for customer convenience.

IMZZ Industries has a large facility with the most diverse selection of customer vehicles I have personally seen at any shop. How did you get such a wide range of customers with an even wider range of automotive tastes?

 Over the years, we have always strived to build our customers the highest quality vehicles possible. We were always presented with the opportunity to build different vehicles, builds and tastes for clients. With mine and my staffs skill level at such a high magnitude, we always took the jobs with the great success in the end. This in turn gave us a huge portfolio for further clients and project which has paid off greatly.

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   Interview By: Bryan Fross
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