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Company: Industries
Name: Joe Morrow
Title: Operations
Mission Statement or Company Motto: AIM (American Innovative Manufacturing, Inc) Has created Innovative Suspension parts since 1988.

Company Info / About Us: The Company started in 1988 as Ratical Tops, manufacturing removable hardtops and softops. We still make them today, but our business changed to primarily suspension when we formed AIM in 1992. We operate 32 CNC machines dedicated to only Suspension, 0n 3 1/2 acres with over 110,000 square feet under roof, in Mesa Arizona. We own the building and property and we are a permanent fixture. is part of a larger company (AIM) that has been in business for over 20 years. How has the industry changed and how have you kept up with those changes? The market drives the changes. Someone comes up with an idea to create, modify, or simply improve a product. It does not make the earlier version bad, it just hones it to perfection. The best example I can think of is Henry Ford's Model T and the dirt roads full of ruts. Today the Model T has evolved from 30 miles per hour, into High Tech vehicles capable of over 200 miles per hour, with scores of manufacturers to choose from around the world.

How have air bags and the corresponding parts to make them work changed the way suspension is designed for many different types of factory and custom vehicles? AIM Industries was the first to use Air Springs to lower the rear of a leafsprung vehicle in 1992. In 1996, AIM was the first to use an Air Spring to completely remove a coilspring, and replace it with an Air Spring. You can go to back issues of Truckin, and you will find AIM advertising full pages on suspension in every issue since 1996. We are the Henry Ford of Air Suspension running on all 4 wheels to lower a vehicle. As we evolved and discarded our first models, new companies sprung up and inferred that we sold old inferior products. Not true. This is a false perception that rode the waves of the Internet. When we improved a product, they claim we copied them. Not True.... Look back through the magazines. You will find that we came first, and stayed first to this day.

Prior to 1996, Air Springs were used only for Manufacturing machine processes, and for towing assist kits. The demands for performance were non existent and the bags could not stand a safe pressure above 120psi. Our bags now withstand pressures far exceeding any use. They withstand 600psi on most models. In 2001, AIM introduced 3/8" ports. Firestone copied us quickly. In 2001, AIM introduced Zinc plating. Firestone still used Olive Green paint dip. The problem with that is the metal would rust on the inside. Zinc prevented rust on both the inside and outside. Firestone followed suit within a year. This is how engineering and development work. You take a good idea and make it better through the collective community.

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   Interview By: Bryan Fross
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