Queen Esther Interview
Photos courtesy of:
Queen Esther and Bryan Fross/SCC-Media.com

Name: Queen Esther aka Esther Hanuka
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Age: 29
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Dress: size 3
Shoe:  7-1/2
Body type: Slim
Ethnicity: Guatemalan and Israeli
Status: Engaged
Occupation: Model/business owner
Turn-ons: Maturity, sexy eyes, and confidence..
Turn-offs: Immaturity, cockiness, bad breath lol
Hobbies: I love to swim, I love to play basketball, dancing, hanging out with my family
Favorite Food: I loveeee pizza :)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Music: Reggae, hip-hop
Favorite Books/Magazines: I don't read many books. I have no time but I love Playboy Magazine, Maxim, Rebel X Magazine, Dub Magazine, Vogue, Tattoo Magazine, and Savage Tattoo Magazine
Favorite Movies: Bruce Almighty, Dirty Dancing, Big Daddy, Sliver
Favorite Thing in the world: My phone I can do everything I need to do on my phone lol
Dream Vacation:  I would love to go to Hawaii I have never been ;)
Dream Car:  BMW but with my kids I can't have one cause it only seats 5

When did you start modeling? back in 1998 I modeled for a year in half did a lot and then took a break started a family got married had 5 kids and then when I saw that my body went back to normal after my fifth baby I decided to start it back on and go full force with it and I have been modeling full time since 2006

What is your favorite thing about being a model? I love taking pictures it comes natural to me I love the camera I love the way it makes me look ..;-)

What area of modeling are you most interested in? I love bikini modeling and I love maxim style stuff .. I really want to do Playboy but with my tattoos its very hard for them to overlook it

What goals are you pursuing for the future/what would you like to accomplish? I want to take my modeling to the fullest extent that I can.. I would mind acting I love it .. I currently own my own modeling agency called Queen E Modeling and I love helping girls and guys accomplish there goals in the modeling world and I love to know that I can help them learn and go down the right path in making that all happen.. because I never had that and I wish someone would have showed me.. So I decided to do that for others ;) I guess that is the motherly side of me that comes naturally

What do you do for fun? I go to the beach and the pool a lot with my fiancée and my kids and we all hang out and have good times.. I also go out with friends when I have time to and go to small places people wouldn't think u would be at and we have the time of our life....

Are you into any sports? yesssssss I Love watching it a lot lol.. I love football, basketball, my fiancée turned me onto ultimate fighting and dirt bike racing so now I learned to love watching that also

How do you stay in shape? I eat good diet is key and the rest just falls into place I walk a lot that's about it I wish I could go to the gym and work out then I would be amazing but I have no time

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I want to go to those beautiful beaches u see on the travel channel I have no idea where they are but I want to go lol..

What kind of music are you listening to these days? Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, 80's music, Techno I listen to pretty much anything that catches my attention

Have you ever used your looks to get out of a ticket? never intentionally but it has worked so thank god cause I have been in some sticky situations wow.. rather not think about it lol...

What kind of guy do you like? I love funny, sexy, confident, sexual, help full, honest, has to love my kids, and be extremely into me and I want to be the best thing in his eyes .. and I found that guy in my fiancée so I consider my self very lucky cause it is really hard to find... almost impossible..

What kind of guy bugs you? annoying, always talking about himself, always looking in the mirror , short tempered men, cockiness, and a man that doesn't take a shower everyday and wears the same boxers for more than a day is nasty to me..

What is your daily routine like? I wake up check my emails check my schedule. make sure my kids get to school, and go to work... what ever the day has ahead of me.. then I come home get food or make food depending how tired iam.. spend time with my lil ones and then get back on the computer respond to emails and watch a lil TV while I am doing that. then I put my kids to bed and time for me to relax a lil I'll have a beer and watch a lil more TV till I get tired ;) that is pretty much it most of my day revolves around my modeling jobs

Have you ever had a nickname? yes I used to be called Lucy, big red lol, and then my final nick name was Queen Esther and it stuck with me..

What did you think of the vehicle you shot with for SoCalCustoms.com? It was so nice I loved everything about it especially its color. I love black vehicles it's so sexy and mysterious and clean looking ;-) I wanted to keep it and drive off in it lol..