Emm Jaye Interview
Photos courtesy of: Emm Jaye

Name: Marilyn but I prefer Emm Jaye ;-)
Hemet, California
Bluish Green
Body type:
Heritage: Swedish, French-Canadian, Indian and German
Occupation: S
tay at home mommy, Model and part time student
People that take care of themselves, career oriented, having humor because I love to laugh. I love lips, a beautiful smile will win me over. OH! and a man in a uniform ;-)
Cockiness, Bad Breath, Persistency, and lack of motivation
Working out for sure, I love modeling of course and dancing. Turn on some music and I'll dance anywhere ;)
Favorite Food:
Sushi! yummy
Favorite Color:
Favorite Music:
I love music, every type. I appreciate the art and complexity of it all.
Favorite Books/Magazines:
A Child Called It and The Lost Boy
Favorite Movies:
Dumb and Dumber, Napoleon Dynamite, Twilight, and anything funny or romantic comedies
Favorite Thing in the world:
My family, They are my favorite "thing" in the world :) cheesy I know
Dream Vacation:
Anywhere but here
Dream Car:
I'll take a black Lamborghini with Black Diamond Tuck interior maybe some Diamonds in the rims

When did you start modeling?
At the age of 16

What is your favorite thing about being a model?
Looking and feeling beautiful... What girl doesn't like that?

What area of modeling are you most interested in?
Any that doesn't require nudity or is self degrading

What goals are you pursuing for the future/what would you like to accomplish?
I would like to make modeling my career but in the meantime I am going to school to become a medical assistant and then starting Sonography

Are there any magazines you would like to see yourself on the cover of?
Maybe Maxim or FHM

What are your most memorable modeling experiences?
Oh boy... most of them are all memorable, hard to narrow it down

Have you had any modeling experiences you wish you could forget?
Not yet and hopefully never do

What do you do for fun?
Desert trips, river trips, dancing, and hanging out with the girls

Are you into any sports?
Yes because I have to be lol

How do you stay in shape?
Gym twice a day and diet

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Paris, France because it's the most romantic place on earth and because the women I hear are gorgeous!

Have you ever used your looks to get out of a ticket?
No but I should try that when I get the chance.

What kind of guy do you like?
A confident one, not jealous, loves to go out and have fun. Someone trustworthy

What kind of guy bugs you?
Persistant guys, Cocky guys, non motivated guys

What is your daily routine like?
Its busy ;-)

Have you ever had a nickname?
Yes, Emm Jaye. It started off as Mj and then a friend of mine helped turn it into something a little more interesting by spelling it out.

What did you think of the vehicle you shot with for SoCalCustoms.com?
It was very nice. I don't know a whole lot about cars but it was clean, and I thought it was beautiful.