Donna Lazarescu Model Interview
Interview by: Bryan Fross
Photos courtesy of: Donna Lazarescu

Name: Donna Agnes Lazarescu 
Lugoj, Romania
Body type:  
Mixture between slim, curvy and athletic
Model, Marketing Director, Student

Turn-ons:  Spontaneity, humor, intelligence
Ignorance, conceit, disrespect
Eating, reading, modeling, working out
 Favorite Food:  
Favorite Color:  
Favorite Music:  
Everything from Hip hop to country to rock!
Favorite Books/Magazines: 
Cosmo, Glass, Crank
Favorite Movies:  
Due Date, The Hangover, Duplex, Date Night, My Best Friend's Girl
Favorite Thing in the world:  
Dream Vacation:
Dream Car: 

When did you start modeling?  I actually did some modeling when I was young.. I just started up again recently.

What is your favorite thing about being a model? My favorite thing about being a model is the finished product and the satisfaction of creating a good photo.

What area of modeling are you most interested in?  I am currently interested in pursuing more fashion oriented modeling.

What goals are you pursuing for the future/what would you like to accomplish?  I would like to do better in school so that I can concentrate more of my time on modeling and get more tear sheets 

Are there any magazines you would like to see yourself on the cover of?  I would love to be in Maxim, Sports Illustrated or FHM, no doubt.

What are your most memorable modeling experiences?  My most memorable modeling experience was for Linq Bmx. It was hilarious how the bmx rider's girlfriend was extremely jealous while I posed with her half naked boyfriend.

Have you had any modeling experiences you wish you could forget? 
No; anything is either a good experience or a good lesson.

What do you do for fun?  I love going out to eat, club, and party! I also love swimming and tanning, as well as reading a good book.

Are you into any sports?  I like hockey, football and basketball. I was a cheerleader for six years.

How do you stay in shape?  I take workout classes at my college, as well as work out at the local school gym.

If your body was a car type (compact, midsize, luxury sedan, truck, suv, sports car, ???, etc) what would it be and why?  Pretty funny question... It would be a sports car because I never let it rest; and when I go, I GO! 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  I would go to my home country Romania so that I can visit my whole family.

What kind of music are you listening to these days? I like every kind of music! Not particular :)

Have you ever used your looks to get out of a ticket?  I have never been offered one ;) But thank you for the advice.

What kind of guy do you like?  I like sweet but outgoing fun guys; I love people that take risks and are spontaneous but at the same time successful and educated.

What kind of guy bugs you? I definitely cannot stand a guy that literally contacts me all the time, especially when he does not understand why I am not answering; I am a busy girl, I don't have time to talk to you all day! 

What is your daily routine like?  Haha... it starts off by me snoozing my alarm clock about four times... then I automatically get up when my little brother walks in my room asking me to drive him to school. After I take him to school, I get ready and go to class. Later during the day I either do homework, a marketing event, or a photoshoot. Usually I end up going out with my friends after all this is over. Repeat :)

Have you ever had a nickname?  I have had a couple.. I have been repeatedly called Dee, Donizzle, Donners, Don, Aggie, Shortie, Blondie, Donnie

What did you think of the vehicle you shot with for I loved it!! Amazing color and finish! I loved sitting in it; I felt very cool ;)