Article and Photos by Bryan Fross

   There is a large group of custom vehicle owners that do everything in their ride. Some go get groceries, haul their kids around, and take long trips out of town for business or pleasure. Very few of them have one of the most important days of their lives in their vehicle though. Ken and Brandee Leet from Hesperia, California not only drive this 1965 Lincoln Continental everywhere, they got married in it at a Las Vegas drive through wedding chapel.

   Taking the Lincoln down to pimp status, Ken installed air suspension consisting of 4 Slam Specialties bags using nitrogen for adjustability. A custom skull switch box was installed inside the car and a remote air-suspension kit was also wired in so he can adjust the height from outside the car. The car tucks 20-inch Centerline wheels.

   After taking the car to a lower stance, it was smoothed out including the door handles, fuel door, and emblems. Small skulls were molded into the C pillars. Black suede paint was added for a satin look and red pin stripingfinished off the paint. The windows were tinted red to match the pin striping. The car also has factory opera doors and crossbar headlights.

   On the inside of this cool cruiser,  Leopard and black material cover the seats. It has a custom built skull shifter on the floor. The front seats are factory buckets which is cool because in '65 only 1% of Lincolns came out of the factory with bucket seats. The driving tunes are provided by a 10 disc CD Changer, two 6x9-inch speakers,  two 5 1/4-inch speakers, and an MTX amplifier.

  The engine is a 460 with a bumpstick to replace the stock 430.  It has a Zinc plated Holley carburetor and electronic ignition.  The stock transmission was also replaced with a with a C-6 which is a better version for performance purposes.

    After Picking up the car for $500 with a lot of mud in the motor, Ken put a good amount of work into it. The  motor work, body work, and suspension work were all completed by Ken at his shop, Leet Auto Design. You can check them out at Thanks to Brandee Leet for posing with her and her husbands ride.

   Thanks to Brandee Leet for posing with their car. She goes well with it and after all, she loves the car more than anyone since she got married in it.

Model: Brandee Leet

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