Article and Photography by:
 Bryan Fross
 Model: Elizabeth Graham

   The Chrysler 300 has become a popular customizable car all over the world. Some have been mildy customized with big wheels and flashy paint and other have been completely changed from their factory look with Dodge Magnum, Rolls Royce, and Bentley front end swaps. This 2006 Chrysler 300 is somewhere in between those stages of wild modifications. The mix on this 300 has made it into a cleanly styled cruiser that grabs attention as well. It is owned by Jon Nyberg and he has spent the better part of 2 years working on his car.

   Laying it out was a major step in Jon's plans. The car received Slam Specialties RE-5 air bags at all four corners as well as an Air-Zenith OB1X Compressor, GC Xtreme 450 Valves, an AVS 5-Gallon Air-Tank and a 10-Switch box for adjustability. The Chrysler was modified to complete a custom unibody structure to lay the front bumper and still allow for the 24x9-inch Ultra Reexes Wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes 255/30ZR24 Tires.

   After the car was laying on the pavement Jon decided to get to work on the body of his 300. The body was looking a little more smoothed out after the door handles were saved and the trunk emblems were removed. The roof was cut open and a 35x40-inch electric sliding ragtop was installed. OC Autobody then sprayed the car with House of Kolor Candy Apple Red and Silver which was followed up by Patrick Guyton and his airbrush to add skulls over the top section. Jon bolted up a DJ Motorsports Giovanna Edition 3-piece grille as well.

   The interior was not left out of Jon's plans. In fact, the inside of his car is a mecca of electronics for entertainment purposes. All of the panels were removed and re-covered in black or red suede by California Upholstery. The rear seats were split into buckets and and custom console runs between them. The console houses only part of the audio/video system in Jon's Chrysler. The sounds come from a host of Powerbass equipment including four ASA1001.d Subwoofer Amplifiers, two ASA400.4 Four-Channel Amplifiers, an ASA600.4 Four Channel Amp, six 2XL-12C 6.5-inch components, three 2XL-10D 10-inch Subwoofers, two 2XL-12D 12-inch Subwoofers, two XCP-6C 6-Farad Capacitors, and a XEQ-5XO Equalizer. An AutoPage RS-900LCD Alarm with remote start and GPS tracking was also installed to keep it safe. The power supply comes from two Kinetik Audio HC-2000 Batteries and Tsunami wiring. The video system includes and ACT In-Dash DVD Player, an ACT 19-inch monitor in passenger-side dash, an ACT 5-inch monitor in the steering wheel, ACT 7-inch monitors in the headrests, two ACT 10-inch monitors as well as an ACT 17-monitor in the rear window.

   Under the hood, Jon added a Jet Performance Chip to tune it up a little more as well as a Gibson Cat-Back Exhaust System and AIRAID Cold-Air Intake. To really give it some power there is a Nitrous Express 75 Shot Injection System if Jon is feeling a little speed starved.

   Jon would like to thank all of his sponsors and family for their endless support. A Special Thanks to Toyo Tires, UltraWheels, Powerbass, ACT Video, Slam Specialties, GC Valves, Air Zenith, AVS, Gibson, JET Performance, AIRAID, Nitrous Express, DJ Motorsports, Tsunami, Kinetik, Autopage, Patrick Guyton and Jim Desmond.