Article and Photography by:
Bryan Fross
Jenny P.

   Showing off how an aftermarket accessory works and looks on or in a vehicle is a major part of bringing in customers. Companies send out products to a builder for installation in their creation and the builder then shows it off at shows all over the country. In this case, the vehicle owner works for a company that needed a new vehicle to showcase their products. Having previously featured a ride that Erik Harbour from Huntington Beach, California owned, there was an expectation that this one would top the previous build. His last vehicle was a Ford Expedition we called Relaxpedition. Erik works for Kinetik Audio which is a company that sells power cell batteries for car audio, video, and all your power draining accessory needs. His new project, a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, is a sight to see and experience. It's low with big wheels, stocked with in-cab entertainment, and even has a computer installed in it.

   Erik purchased the truck and immediately put his best friend/sidekick/builder Todd Faulkner to work making the stock truck into another amazing show vehicle. Todd works at Devious Customs in Ontario, California and started pulling the truck apart. The truck was body dropped 3-inches and the stock suspension was put out for the garbage man to pick up. A full air ride suspension was in the works to replace it. The truck received Slam Specialties air bags at all four corners as well as the front frame rails being raised in the shape of a "Z" to allow for the new suspension setup and big wheels the truck would have. The front also was modified with the frame horns being dropped down and welded in lower. The rear end was cut apart as they added a Devious monster notch to accommodate the the axle travel and a Devious Customs triangulated 4-link was fabricated. The front shocks are Bilstein and the rear are Toxic Shocks. The wheels on Erik's Ram are Lexani Pyro 26x10-inch with 305/30/26 Toyo Tires. To stop these huge wheels Erik turned to SSBC for their slotted and drilled 18 rotors along with 4-piston calipers.

   Todd's next step on the truck was to transform the body of this Kinetik Dodge from factory to phenomenal or at least clean, cool, and custom. The body was stripped of it's door handles, antenna, rear bumper, taillights, third brake light, rain gutter in the rear, and gas door. A Grant Kustoms roll pan was molded in along with the factory tailgate and other Grant products were used in the factory tailight spaces to smooth them out. In the front, the factory grille insert was replaced by a Street Scene upper and lower grille insert. The factory bedsides were flared 8-inches each to clear the massive wheels while rolling the truck low. The body work was performed by Todd Faulkner with Scott Seratta at 714 Motorsports. The body was sprayed with ALSA paint and a custom Merzees mix of Kinetik Blue for the top half with silver graphic down center. The bottom is Merzees patent-pending wispy design over the blue. It was painted by Todd and Jeff Merzee at Merzees along with pin striping by Kent Garcia as well as color sanding by Sal and Louie at Merzees. The lighting was also upgraded with clear front corners, HID lights, and LED's across the back window for running, turn signal, and brake lights.

   Knowing that this truck was going to be a showcase for the Kinetik products as well as the other audio/video components, the interior had to be a work of art. Once again they began ripping into this brand new truck and modifying everything possible. The factory seats in the front were cut into and re-wrapped in Roadwire dove gray leather covers with blue stitching and the rear seats were wrapped also after being modified into 2 buckets by 714 Motorsports in Westminster, California. Erik and "Big" Bill Watson at 714 custom built his door panels and had them wrapped along with the dashboard in ash white suede. The steering wheel was pulled and a Klassix billet half-wrap wheels with dove gray leather took it's place. The factory gauge face received a similar fate and was replaced by a Nu Image billet gauge face. Erik enlisted Brent Davison of Alpine Electronics to build some really cool one-off items for the interior that would set this install apart from others. He built a custom center console and hand built an upper dash pad to house two Alpine type X 5.25-inch speakers in addition to a 17-inch Sony TV. Brent then built the battery rack for the truck bed. If all of that wasn't enough, they still had the electronics to install. A custom mini PC resides under the passenger rear seat and sends information to the TV in the dash. The truck also contains a large amount of Alpine products including a PXAH701 processor, RUXC701 controller, 6 PDX 1.1000 amplifiers, 2 PDX 4.150 amplifiers, 3 Type X SWX1243D subwoofers, 1 Type X SWX1043D subwoofer and 2 sets of Type X SPX17REF 6.5-inch components. The PC utilizes iTunes for audio and video in Erik's truck  like any other computer would in your home or office. Of course the power in Erik's Quad Cab cxomes from Kinetik Power cells. There are a total of 8 batteries installed including an HC800 under the dash with 1 HC2400, 1 HC2000, 1 HC1800, 1 HC1400, and 2 HC600 cells in the bed for audio support. Click here for a system diagram.   After many items were removed from the engine bay during the suspension process, the area was readied for some cleanup and customization. The factory motor was updated by the crew at 714 Motorsports with a Weapon R intake, Ohio Generator Stainless alternator,  and Gibson Stainless Exhaust. The gas tank was removed and a Devious Fuel Cell now provides the petrol. The get the big wheels rolling the acquired a Hypertech system and an MSD Ignition for the truck. Erik and Ryan Parma then re-routed all of the wiring they could to clean up and hide any loose wires in the engine compartment.

  Erik would like to thank every one involved including Todd Faulkner, Manny, Allen, the crew at 714 Motosports, Brent Davison and everyone at Alpine, his colleagues at Kinetik Audio, Grant Kustoms, Devious Customs, Ryan Parma, Kevin Kuenzie, Jeff Merzee and the Merzees crew, Louie, Scott, Galen, "Big" Bill Watson, Rod Milton, Tom at Billet and Acrylic, Stan at Toyo, Frank and the crew at Lexani, Gus and Tom at Ohio Generator,  Tim at Hush Mat, Mark at SoCal Detail, and a big thanks to all of his friends and Relaxed Atmosphere club members.