Article and Photography by:
 Bryan Fross
 Model: Donna Lazarescu

   Every car enthusiast has a dream. Whether it be a dream build, a dream vehicle, or any other automotive related wish. Chris Hernandez from La Mirada, California wanted a clean lowered Tundra. Then as time went on he decided he would like it to lay frame on 20-inch wheels. By the time it left Chassis by Aaron Iha in Covina, it was on the ground on 24-inch wheels. It is safe to say his dream is fulfilled and exceeded. The 2006 Toyota Tundra has a factory fresh aspect to it at first glance but this isn't just an air bagged truck on big wheels. Subtlety was key in the design and build process. This covert custom has several custom touches that make it stand out from any other Tundra out there. Chris couldnt be happier with the way his project turned out and the way his truck turns heads at car shows.

   The initial step to get Chris' truck closer to his liking was to get it on the ground. Aaron Iha and his crew built new upper as well as lower control arms that are 1.50-inches shorter than stock and new control arm mounts to maintain camber and toe. New spindles were also built to correct the front geometry. They then pocketed the front frame rails to install the Conitech Air Bags. The rear frame section was replaced with a 2x4 rectangle 3/16-inch wall sub frame and a reverse 3-link. The upper link is a wishbone design keeping the rear end centered throughout its travel. The lower link bars have the Conitech Air Bags mounted to them to provide more lift and a smoother ride. The rear end was narrowed 3-inches per side and all of the factory cross members were removed and replaced with new ones that sit above the bottom of the frame. The truck has two ViAir 480 compressors, an Asco Manifold, 9 gallons of air along with -6AN stainless braided airlines and fittings.

   Here is where the covert aspect of the Tundra comes into the story. Some minor items were shaved from the body of Chris' ride including the fender flares, door moldings, emblems, antenna hole, and plastic bed caps. The bed caps were replaced with smooth steel caps, a steel roll pan was added, and the bed was completely redone in sheetmetal by the guys at Chassis by Aaron Iha during the suspension modification. The truck was then prepared for paint by Chris and his brother Howard. They proceeded to give the truck a coat of 2007 Porsche Dark Olive Green Paint.

   Paint continued to get sprayed over parts from the inside of the Tundra including custom painted two-tone door panels, dash, and several other parts. The factory seats were then wrapped in gray suede along with the headliner. Chris chose Sound Touch in Downey, California to install the Pioneer 6.5-inch DVD head unit and custom micro 6.5-inch monitors at the B-pillars for the rear passengers. They removed the stock speakers and replaced them with 6.5-inch component speakers from Alpine.

   The Toyota 5.3 V8 was upgraded with a custom air intake and the wheelwells were rebuilt using polished wheel tubs by Chassis by Aaron Iha. Many miscellaneous parts were then painted by Chris to dress it up more..

   Chris would like to thank his brother whom he couldn’t have done it without and his wife and family for their support. Thank you also to the talented Aaron Iha Bobby Huizar at Sound Touch.